** Products shown are Patent Pending **

Pivot-All Wheelbarrow

A fresh update to the traditional wheelbarrow, employing pivot technology. This leads to reduced strain and an easier user experience. Available in 6 cu. ft. with future variants of 4 cu. ft. and 6 cu. ft. heavy duty.

Pivot-All Digging Shovel

The Pivot-All digging shovel uses a similar pivot device to the Pivot-All wheelbarrow. This allows the user to maintain a firm grip on the handle of the shovel without repositioning.

Pivot-All Transfer Shovel

The Pivot-All Transfer Shovel employs the same pivot device as the Pivot-All Digging Shovel, along with the same benefits.


Pivot-All Wheelbarrow

Available with a 6 cubic foot bucket

Pivot-All Shovel

Available as a digging shovel (spade) and a transfer shovel (square).